How do I tag a coworker or group in a post on Workplace?

To tag a coworker or group in a comment or post:
  1. When writing the comment or post, press "@" on your keyboard and start typing your coworker's name, or the name of the group you want to tag.
  2. As you're typing, a list will appear to suggest relevant names.
  3. Select the coworker or group from the list that appears as you type.
When you tag a coworker their name appears as a blue link, which clicks through to their profile. It will also send them a notification so they can stay up-to-date on the conversation.
Removing a tag
To remove a tagged coworker from a post you've created, you can edit the post to remove their name. To remove a coworker from a comment, you can delete the comment or edit your comment to remove their name.
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